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The Rolex Daytona Wall Clock XXL Series

We kick off 2016 with a brand new range of even bigger clocks: the XXL series Rolex Daytona wall clocks!

These clocks measure in at a whooping 4000mm, for even more presence for wherever you are going to display them. Size aside, they also contain a couple more features and details than their regular counterparts. Read on to find out more.

1. Size

First off, the most obvious change in the Rolex XXL series is the size of the clock. Compared to the regular models at 34cm, the XXL series come in 40cm sizes, perfect for those larger living rooms, or people who just want more wow factor with their clocks ;)

2. 3D bezel markings

The XXL series feature raised bezel markings, as opposed to the printed ones on the regular series. A subtle feature, but what we feel is definitely appreciated by the discerning enthusiast.

3. Working 6 o'clock subdial

The 6 o'clock subdial now works for the Rolex Daytona models, just like the watches. And yes, it is a sweeping movement too like everything we make.

 4. Anti-Reflection Coating

One major difference when placing the XXL series next to the regular series, is that the glass crystal appears much less visible. This is because the glass crystals on the XXL series, like the watches, comes with an anti-reflection coating which reduces the reflectivity of the glass.

We'll add new models as and when we can, so for now check out the XXL Rolex Wall Clock Collection to see what is in store!

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